2018 Van Dessel Partnership

2018 Bare Composites Van Dessel Partnership

As a new company, we're extremely excited to unveil this partnership with the reputable Van Dessel brand. This collaboration is much more than meets the eye, and could potentially open the doors to a tremendous opportunity in the bike industry. With more brands willing to align with the quickly evolving digital world that we live in, this partnership offers the Bare Racing Pro Team the support that every athlete needs. 

Bare Composites Founder, Zack Morris, is very vocal on his social platforms about putting in hard work every single day. The entrepreneur doesn't believe in handouts and feels that everyone needs to earn their seat at the table. This fundamental of thinking is perhaps the backbone in the structure of this deal.

While most teams approach sponsors with their hands out and the "gimmie-gimmie-gimmie" approach, the 2018 Bare Racing campaign was entirely different. The core value that the Bare Racing team can offer to any partnership is professional, consistent, and engaging digital content that actually gets seen. Being a visually focused brand that inspires people to be a little bit bad ass, any brand that aligns with this will reap the benefits by building their social influence online. For this reason, Bare Composites is never afraid to "prove its worth". 

Clay Murfet, a 10-year veteran pro rider on the U.S domestic scene and key team member at Bare Composites looked to his longtime personal relationship with the owner of Van Dessel to lay the framework of this new way of doing things. Clay is somebody that believes in doing things differently and is not afraid to voice his opinion about the changes that need to be made in the bike industry for everyone's betterment. This was perhaps the ultimate key in bringing this together.

What's Special About This

A Typical "sponsorship" in the bike industry is where a brand or a distributor of a brand gives a team a discount on some products or maybe even free products and in return, they get to use the little content or value that the teams provide for them in their marketing campaigns. Collectively as a team, we made the decision at Bare Composites to completely break this mold. 

Instead of saying "give us stuff, we'll ride it, then you do the work in getting the word out" like most teams do. We said, hook us up, give us the ability to monetize our value and we'll put together the best marketing campaign you've seen from an athlete partnership. 

We designed the colorway on the frames to match our team kits (which is the next partnership you will read about). What started out as scribbles on our iPhones, turned into a bike that has been turning heads since the moment it was unveiled. Within the first week of hitting the viral interwebs, this Van Dessel LTD Bare Composites edition has seen more than 3 million organic views and is arguably the most viral bike on the web, competing with the new specialized red hook crit bike. 

The best part is we have a way to directly reward our team for doing such an amazing job not only designing but furthermore promoting this beautiful machine. Through the Bare Pro Team discount program, Anyone that goes to the Van Dessel Website can support our team at the same time as saving themselves a bunch of money! Van Dessel has created a discount code "barepro" which will give anyone, anywhere in the world a 20% discount on the ENTIRE web store! A portion of every sale that goes through this coupon, goes directly back to the Bare Composites Pro Team. 

This is a massive step in the sport of cycling and is the first sign of a company willing to take risks and make changes in order to support the development of this sports core, the athletes. 

We are excited to finally unveil the 2018 Van Dessel Motivus Maximus LTD Bare Composites edition, but we are even more excited to give our athletes the ability to prove their value. This partership aligns heavily with our advocacy at Bare Composites, which is putting our athletes first, and giving them the platform they need to earn some extra money, get to more races, and be amazing ambassadors of the sport. 

 Behold the All-new 2018 Motivus Maximus LTD Bare Composites Pro Team Edition