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Tri 6.7

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The Tri 6.7 is our most aerodynamic wheelset yet designed for triathletes that want to go faster on course — featuring our signature U shape rim construction the 6.7's slice through the wind with a 69mm Front Wheel and 79mm Rear that catches minimal side to side pull. This means that you won't have to battle the crosswinds and instead you can focus on going forward, in record time.

The 6.7 are also the lightest Tri Wheelset on the market coming in as light as 1364 grams for the entire set in the Tubular Model, with the standard Bare Hubs. Rotational weight on the bike is the most important place to save the grams and the Tri 6.7's lead in this category. 

Weight Specs
Tubular Set: 1364 Grams
Clincher and Tubeless: 1464 Grams
These weights are with the Bare Composites Factory Hubs. 


Sapim is the industry leader in the spoke department and is a trusted brand by the best athletes in the world for strength and reliability. We only partner with the best quality manufacturers on the market and Sapim leads the market in premium quality spokes. All Bare Composite wheels are built with Sapim CX-Ray Wheels


2 Year Warranty 

We Guarantee our wheels and hubs for three years against any defects. We will service the wheels directly at our facility or ship parts directly to your local bike shop for repair.


Maximum Recommended Rider Weight 

220lbs - Max

While we have tested our wheels beyond our recommended rider weight of 220lbs and have had no issues, we suggest that full carbon wheels should be the choice of riders under 220lbs for optimal performance and safety. 

What's Included
1 Set of Titanium Skewers
1 Set of Carbon Fiber Brake Pads
1 Set of Rim Strips