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Combat 5.8 By Bare Composites

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The Combat 5.8 is the flagship aero wheelset by Bare Composites. The 5.8 features a 55mm Front Wheel with a 79mm rear wheel, providing the perfect blend of aerodynamics and handling. 

This wheelset will suit many riders across many disciplines including road cycling, road racing, criterium racing, and triathlons. 

The Combat 5.8 is an extremely versatile rim that will allow up to a 28mm road tire for that ultra soft, yet high-performance feel.

At Bare Composites, we take warranty seriously. Our goal is to be the company for the people by the people, and having a fantastic warranty program is a huge part of that. Our warranty service will be carried out by our in-house technicians. No complicated delays or systems. If there are any defects in our products during the first three years of regular riding, we will replace the parts. For all the details on our warranty policy, please click HERE



The Combat Collection offers a dynamic braking treatment for better performance in all weather conditions. 

The Combat Collection is built around our Low-Catch Rim Profile Design. These rims stimulate minimal drag in gusts of wind, even on our most aero wheels. 


The Combat Collection wheels feature Sapim CX-Ray spokes and nipples.

The Bare BH1-F is our proprietary front hub built with high-quality Carbon Fiber and Aluminum materials. Combined with our sealed bearings these hubs spin super smooth, and fast at just 86.4 grams. 

The Bare BH1-R is our proprietary rear hub built with high-quality Carbon Fiber and Aluminum materials. At 217.4 the BH1-R is utilizing a six pawl system to lay the foundation for a high performing hub. 

We Guarantee our wheels and hubs for three years against any defects. We will service the wheels directly at our facility or ship parts directly to your local bike shop for repair. 


Wheel Set Weights +/-30gr

25mm Tubular - 1465gr

25mm Clincher - 1625gr

Whats Included

1 Set of Titanium Skewers

1 Set of Carbon Fiber Brake Pads

1 Set of Rim Strips 

Maximum Recommended Rider Weight 

220lbs - Max

While we have tested our wheels beyond our recommended rider weight of 220lbs and have had no issues, we suggest that full carbon wheels should be the choice of riders under 220lbs for optimal performance and safety.